How to Buy Pax Era Pods
How to Buy Pax Era Pods

How to Buy Pax Era Pods

You can buy pax era pods online from our store. All you need to do is go in the website select the number of pods you want and add to cart. We have a minimum order of $2oo and average price of a pax era pod is about $30. We have varieties of pax pods both cbd pax era pods and thc pax era pods on the website. If you can’t find one by you self, you can ask for the assistance of customer service chatline at the down right-hand corner of the website. He or she will assist you in place an order or looking for the right product. We have several payment option on the website. Choose which is best suitable for you and complete payments manually.

So what basically happens after you placed an order?. Your order is then being processed and a tracking number is handed over to you. Most clients want discreet shipping conditions so we make that happen. Shipping usually take 3-4days nationally and 5-7 days internationally, But the is an option for overnight delivery selected before checkout.

How to know it’s okay to Buy a Pax Era Pod – How to know Your Pax Era is Empty

To check your session usage give era a double tap on the side of the device with your finger. For example for green led pedals indicate for standard size draws from your current session these will be followed by blue led pedals for your next four draws red led pedals for the following four draws and then the pedals will cycle back to green session. Usage metering will reset to zero thirty minutes after your last puff unless you would like to reset it during a session. To reset session usage metering during a session tap the device six times with your finger. Air will confirm the reset by displaying a counterclockwise green swirl on the led indicator light. You can download the app free pax vapor app in the app store from an iPhone or google play if you have an android.

How to connect you Pax Device to the Pax Vapor App

To connect your pax arrow to the pax vapor app for the first time make sure Bluetooth is enabled on your phone and open up the pax paper app shake arrow lightly until the alternating blue lights appear. This indicates, it’s in pairing mode once your era is paired the device LEDs will confirm with a clockwise blue swirl. You’re now able to name your device you’ll also receive a tutorial on how to access a suite of additional features including precise temperature controls, custom led light settings and brightness security lock games and the latest updates to your firmware.

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