Skywalker Goo Pax Pod

Skywalker Goo Pax Pod

Skywalker Goo Pax Pod . Sweet Goo is a strain after the indica lover’s heart. A warm, inviting, true-to-flower note slowly works its way into a long-lasting mind & body effect. The balanced high plays with the senses and reminds you what purps are supposed to feel like.

if you’ve spent any time researching vaporizers for cannabis oils, you’ve more than likely heard of or tried a PAX Era vaporizer. Since 2007 the company has remained a frontrunner in the world of cannabis vapes with what they’ve described as a “radical new approach” to experiencing concentrates. The featherlight, button-free, pocket-friendly design is a top choice amongst medical and recreational cannabis users who enjoy the clean, pure high of oil concentrates.

What sets the PAX Era apart from other vapes is that the company partners with growers and concentrate manufacturers to create unique 500mg pods designed exclusively for the Era vape. They even have an app which allows you to control the vape’s temperature settings from your phone.

Skywalker Goo Pax Pod for sale

This precise temperature control allows connoisseurs to taste the distinct flavors of each strain, but it’s also nice for beginners who want to start light. If you have a PAX Era vaporizer, there are plenty of companies blending pot in a pod just for you, but not all are created equal. Here are some of our favorite Pax Pods for oil lovers.

Skywalker Goo is a powerful indica-dominant hybrid cross of Skywalker OG and Goo that pairs a lasting physical relaxation effect coupled with an energetic cerebral high, delivered alongside a subtle sour fruity, earthy notes with a soft finish of pure cannabis flower.

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