Sweet Goo Pax Pod

Sweet Goo Pax Pod

Sweet Goo pax pod is a strain after the indica lover’s heart. A warm, inviting, true-to-flower note slowly works its way into a long-lasting mind & body effect. The balanced high plays with the senses and reminds you what purps are supposed to feel like.


Buy sweet goo pax pod for sale. The sweet goo pax pod contains hemp oil from the Goo weed strain. As such, this pod like the strain it contains best suit the indica lover’s heart. While vaping this pod it releases a sweet blueberry-like fruity smell spiced with some earth-like aroma. It equally leaves behind a sweet taste on the tongue during and after vaping.

Vaping the sweet goo pod brings about a whole body high typical to indica-dominant pods. It gives a really deep body relaxation characterized by feeling like floating in space. Beginning with a slow build up, it jumps to an intense high leaving users really lazy in a smooth physical high. Users equally feel a little spike in cerebral energy due to a small sativa percentage present.

This pax pod possesses a reputation of being highly sedative because it leaves users always feeling sleepy. As such, it best suits later at night uses and should be avoided if any pending tasks are available. It equally gives of a mildly euphoric feeling accompanied by pangs of hunger. This pod goes well with doing nothing, sleeping, at a spa and even in relieving hangovers.


This pax era pod prevails in the medical field mainly due to its heavy sedative attributes. It helps in the temporary relief from both light physical pains to chronic pain like in arthritis and lupus. It equally does well in relieving stress and depression in users. People who find difficulties in sleeping should meet their new favorite pod as it gives a really heavy sleepy feeling.

Some side effects you may face using this pod include mild paranoia, dry eyes, headache and the almost inevitable dry mouth. Also most users report hunger after using this pod but this being a good or bad thing depends on you. However, worry not as these effects generally come after heavy use or experienced mostly by newcomers. Buy sweet goo pax pod for sale.

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